Automate your manufacturing process

Create a paperless factory environment and shape your production with the right tools, streamlining the workflow.
hsbcad is trusted by leading companies in the offsite timber industry

hsbMake is our innovative base platform on which our manufacture toolsets are built upon.

With hsbMake, you gain valuable insights into your factory's performance and identify workflow limitations. Once a model or project is completed in the office and ready for production, you can store it in hsbMake. This platform enables you to generate all necessary files for production, including those for workstations and sawing machines. hsbMake allows you to plan and monitor the entire production process from start to finish.

If a project is running behind schedule or progressing faster than expected, hsbMake provides real-time updates. It also adjusts sawing machine inputs and factory operations to match the current situation. If there's an issue with a project's drawings or views, you can easily report it through hsbMake. The office team can then make the necessary adjustments and send updated files.

This is a solid claim
hsbDesign eliminates the unwanted repetitions associated with 2D and 3D design allowing you to realise.
This is another solid claim
hsbDesign eliminates the unwanted repetitions associated with 2D and 3D design allowing you to realise.

Discover toolsets for Manufacture

hsbMake was developed to give you the right tools to get an insight on how your factory is running and where the limitations are in your workflow. Discover the range of dynamic toolsets that are associated with this innovative solution.

Discover the features of hsbMake

With hsbMake, you can create a paperless factory environment and shape your production, streamlining the workflow. Discover its features and functionalities in detail.

Main Features
Technical Features
ERP Integration
Integration with ERP systems (Navision, MS Dynamics, SAP, and more)
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Bewaar wijzigingen aan een ontwerpproject dankzij onze oplossingen voor versiebeheer.
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Issue Management control
Communiceer direct met de juiste stakeholder wanneer problemen zich voordoen.
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Client Viewer
Profiteer van meerdere projectweergaven, voer zoekopdrachten uit en gebruik de zoomfunctie om met de client viewer nauwkeurig te werken.
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Quality control
Kwaliteitscontrole en follow-up oplossingen voor uw productie.
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Multi-factory control
Link all your factories together
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Production optimization
Create multi-walls based on configurable rules, optimizing production.
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Quality-checking configurations
Customizable quality-checking configurations
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User management
User management logging
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Paperless Factory
No more printed paper. Save time and effort by transitioning away from paper drawings. Everything is now on a screen at the factory.
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Factory Insights
If a project is running behind or going faster than expected, hsbMake will give you that insight.
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Digital Shopdrawings
Allows you to track the progress and quality of the produced elements.
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Configurable to the needs of the factory
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Production Efficiency
Verbeter de efficiëntie van uw productieproces door de workflows in uw werkplaats te automatiseren.
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Reduce the risk of errors
Automatically issue to each work station with real-time information, in the right location and at the right time, reducing the risk of errors.
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Quicker preparation
Digital preparation of fabrication documents takes a fraction of time compared to traditional printing.
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Link to CNC machines
Profiteer van een directe verbinding met uw CNC-machines
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Bill of materials
Inventory management linked to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
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